Christmas Gifts online

In ‘Where to buy‘ you can find the shops in the Western Cape that have one or both of our ranges. But nor everybody lives in the Western Cape South Africa. Online shopping is slowly becoming one of the mainstream retail opportunities that provides interested people from where-ever in the world the possibility to acquire one of my pieces. I work mainly with Faithful-to-Nature that has an excellent reputation for over 10 years plus a wide global customer circle.

This moment there are 11 items on display in the online shop of Faithful-to-Nature.

Order now to be assured that your order is delivered at your doorstep before Christmas.

Note: People visiting the Gabrielskloof Christmas Market in Botrivier 11 and 12 December: See you there 😉 !


6 comments on “Christmas Gifts online

  1. […] from https://yvonnedewit.wordpress.com/2015/11/25/christmas-gifts-online/ Be prepared to be amazed by the most beautiful earth inspired unique art […]

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  2. Dear Yvonne, I nominated you for the 3-day Quote Challenge. In case you don’t have the time to take the challenge, I understand it. I also wanted to tell you that I admire your jewelry very much and I consider that this challenge is also about making my blogger friends meet new blogger friends. Have a wonderful and creative day! Mihaela

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