2015; a surprise

After my first year in marketing my jewellery designs I can make up the balance. Thanks to the support of many people (Thank you all!!!) I even made a modest profit. I learned a lot. For example that I spend more than half of my working time outdoors in Cape Town  resulting in only 14 percent of the total sales. Luckily I saw this development in the second half of this year and started to focus on the hinterland; at the end resulting in 75 percent of the turnover. 11 Percent of the turnover is on account of people from abroad who bought directly from me. Interesting in this context is that 6 percent of the total sales was ordered via an online shop by customers from the greater Durban region and Gauteng (Pretoria/J’burg) in South Africa. The online sales started in October by Faithful-to-Nature.

Via direct sales on markets, events and in a gallery I got in contact with my market. Who are the people who buy my jewellery? It might surprise you; it certainly did surprise me. 80 To 90 percent is older than 50 years, conservative dressed (i.e. timeless) but with a keen eye for the unusual and originality (= feedback from the customers). In general these are ‘middle class’ people who don’t follow the latest trends and if they buy it’s for life.

Needless to say that I’m adjusting my marketing; targeting this market segment with also a focus on retailers covering this specific group of people.

New is also that I am streamlining my collection and working hard on the feasibility of new designs.

Again: Thanks to all my customers for your support. And I wish everybody a prosperous and happy 2016.

Yvonne de Wit




3 comments on “2015; a surprise

  1. Happy and prosperous year to you too, Yvonne! I am sure that even more people will fall in love with your wonderful and unique jewelry in 2016!

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