Graceful ….

I’m graceful to my husband for selecting the right models and portraying them with my jewellery.


9 comments on “Graceful ….

  1. Beautifully portraits here and beautifully done!

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  2. Dear Yvonne, your jewelry pieces are so beautiful and original! And it’s a great idea to portrait them on these beautiful women. After all jewelry pieces “live” when women are wearing them!

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    • Thank you Mihaela. In the place we lived before there were no good models available. Since our move to Napier two problems are solved. First of all more space and secondly there is a reservoir of good models. Keep track of this blog (which you obviously do) and you will see more in the near future. The idea is a wide variety of models so people can see that the jewellery is for all ages and backgrounds.


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  3. It’s a very good idea to show that your jewelry pieces are so wearable and they fit all ages and backgrounds, while being in the same time beautiful and unique!

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